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Even though every working person has transferable skills, employers prefer certain transferable skills over others. Your resume may lack some of the “most desired” transferable skills, but a thorough examination of your experiences may reveal that you possess far more of these skills than you realized. Even if you do not have prior work experience, you are likely to have developed transferable skills through hobbies, coursework, volunteer work, and even sports.

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Even if you don’t have direct experience working in the industry in which you’re applying for a job, having transferable skills can help you stand out to potential employers. Whether you’re looking for a new job out of necessity or because you’ve decided to switch careers, transferable skills can help you land a new position, regardless of how “unmatched” your skillset may appear.

Before applying for a new job, you should determine which of your current skills can be transferred to a new employer and a new position. When searching for new employment, you will discover that many of your current skills, such as interpersonal skills, mentoring, and critical thinking, are transferable to new employers. Including a list of transferable skills on your resume will help you perform better and respond to the jobs you’re applying for, regardless of whether you’re re-entering the workforce, entering the workforce for the first time, or exploring a new career path. For example, if you are a former teacher applying for a position in customer service or office support, your resume should highlight transferable skills such as effective communication and leadership.

It is essential that you can identify transferable skills that you have developed and provide examples of those skills – this will go a long way toward convincing potential employers that you are a good fit for the position. It is also important to consider how you can demonstrate concrete examples of how you have utilized these transferable skills so that you can speak with prospective employers about them. When developing your resume and writing your cover letter to prospective employers, be sure to demonstrate how you have effectively utilized the skills you list. Illustrating your transferable skills throughout the job search will make employers aware that you are adaptable and passionate-two qualities that may even overpower experience in certain situations.

We have compiled a list of the most prevalent transferable skills; use this checklist to help you identify some of the most important transferable skills that you can highlight on your resume and online profiles. This is not a complete list of transferable skills; you may be able to think of others that apply to you. After identifying these skills, you can use them to distinguish yourself in your job search.


Time management

Research and analytics

Administration and clerical

Financial management

Sales and marketing

Creative thinking

Technology and digital literacy




Face-to-face communication


Public speaking







Attention to details


Prioritization and delegation

Critical thinking and problem solving

Coaching, mentoring and feedback



Defining needs

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