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Welcome to our free resume guide, where you can learn how to write a winning resume in one place. Take a look at our resume checklist to ensure you’re presenting yourself in the best light possible.

A well-written resume that highlights your education, skills, and work experience will help you land an interview, regardless of whether you need an entry-level resume or an executive-level resume. It’s important to remember that your resume is often the first point of contact between you and a new employer. When you have a professionally written resume, you have the opportunity to make an excellent first impression that could lead to many more options later on.

We created this guide to help our customers understand what should be included in a resume to make an impression on decision-makers and be ATS compatible. The anatomy of a resume, a resume checklist, and some tips are included below to help you understand the most important components of a resume in 2022.

Anatomy of a Resume


Clean, easy to read format

Professional Summary

Make a powerful statement with a well written paragraph about yourself

Core Competencies

A mix of hard and soft skills relevant to the targeted position


Start and end dates, including months and years


Highlighted achievements

Additional Sections

Include awards, certifications, publications, military and etc.


Include all post-high school education and the year of graduation

Job Description

Explain your duties and responsibilities for each position

Personal Info

Contact information along with you city and state


A strong subheading that will help you stand out
Professional Resume Sample

Resume Checklist

Customize your resume

Having a professionally written resume for each position you apply for is a key strategy to landing the job you want. It would help if you had a solid foundational resume, but you’ll need to adjust it for different job opportunities. It does not have to be drastically different; however, you should customize it for the position and industry that you’re targeting. Always carefully when reading job posts and take notes of keywords, requirements, and transferable skills.

Professional summary at the top

Perhaps you’ve wondered, why do resumes always begin with a professional summary? The answer is simple: when a hiring manager reads a resume it takes them five to ten seconds on average to determine if the candidate is a good fit. In order to grab their attention, you should have a concise summary of your skills and work experience. You’ll have the opportunity to expand on this later in your resume and cover letter. A summary is a brief and comprehensive elevator pitch that summarizes who you are, why you’re qualified for the job, and why you’re the best person to hire.

Be objective

When hiring a professional resume writing company, they will strictly enforce this rule – avoid overused exaggerations like “highly motivated professional.” Using rhetorical phrases in your summary or other sections of your resume is basically equivalent to saying, “I have nothing additional to add here.” If you’re having difficulty writing an objective review of yourself, ask a friend or a colleague what they would say if they recommending you for a job.

Be selective

Certified resume writers adhere to rigorous standards regarding the information’s relevance. To follow good resume examples, avoid information overload if it is irrelevant to the current position you are seeking. Provide more information about your current or recent jobs and fewer details about your previous employment, particularly those that are irrelevant to the position you are applying for. Make sure that the content fits on one or two pages.


Highlight achievements in your resume

One of the most frequent errors that all resume writing companies see is job seekers assuming their resume should only be a summary of their professional work experience when, in fact, it should highlight their accomplishments. Provide clear and concise descriptions of your job responsibilities and emphasize your achievements for each position. Incorporate relevant facts to support each statement, such as what you accomplished, how you accomplished it or what was the outcome.

Make it simple and direct


The fact that all of the top resume writing services use basic fonts and a clear and simple layout is neither coincidental nor indicative of a lack of creativity. The primary reason for this is the increased usage of ATS software. Complex and difficult layouts, headers, footers, charts, and images will make your resume unreadable to some ATS. Make sure to proofread your resume at least twice to catch any errors – a common but easily avoidable mistake. Unless you hire professional resume writing service, seek the assistance of a friend or family member to help you with the proofreading process.

We hope you found useful information in our resume guide. Many of our customers find it extremely time-consuming to rewrite their own resumes. That is why we are here to assist you throughout the writing and editing process. Working with Rock My Resume ensures that you put your best foot forward.

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