Professional Package

Package offers two professional resumes written by a CPRW, cover letter, LinkedIn optimization, and interview coaching.

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Our Offer

At Rock My Resume, our customers can choose between an abundance of services focused on ensuring career development and professional success. For diverse groups of our customers, our professionals have created service packages that resonate with your needs, goals, and financial capabilities. Our esteemed customers can choose between basic, professional, and deluxe packages.

As the basic package offers all tools you would need for your future career development, the professional package includes several additional accommodations. In addition to one cover letter and LinkedIn optimization, the professional package takes pride in two optimized resumes, and interview coaching as well.

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Two Resumes

Since the basic package offers the creation of one resume optimized for landing a job in a competitive market, the professional package offers an additional resume. Such a concept offers our customers to customize two resumes for two different jobs.

We offer different formats and utilize the same skills, experience, expertise, and accomplishments of our customers to recommend them for jobs in different companies or industries. Rock my Resume’s professionals tailor both resumes with precision, care, and efficiency to attract the attention of various potential employers.


If you are looking for three resumes, check out our deluxe package.

LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn is a network used for the facilitation of the search for both recruiters and suitable candidates for countless positions. It represents the main professional networking and career development platform in the world. At Rock My Resume, we assembled a team of recruiters, career coaches, and HR professionals that have been training and developing their professional skills to present all marketable skills, accomplishments, and professional experience of our customers to diversified audiences.

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Cover letter professional resume service

Cover Letter

Cover letter is a document that serves as an introduction to the resume and other files related to the career development process. It is usually a one-page business summary aiming to convey and enhance your adequacy for your targeted job. Our experts are well-versed in finding the appropriate way to present you in the best possible light while enhancing all the qualifications, aspirations, and accomplishments to recommend you to your future employer and present you as the most suitable candidate among a sea of others. We can design your cover letter with general information suitable for many different jobs, or with specific information aimed at one job of your choosing. Our customers choose their preferences, and our professionals provide them with results of the utmost quality.

Interview Coaching

At Rock My Resume, we have also assembled a team of interview coaches trained and eager to assist customers throughout the entire job application process. Our professionals are focused on building your confidence while assisting you in preparing for the toughest questions the interviewers might have for you. We aim to arm you with tools that will assist you in leaving a positive and lasting impression during the interview process at your future company. The professional package includes one hour of interview coaching.

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Deluxe Package

Our deluxe package includes everything needed for a successful job search. Included in this package and you get both a dedicated career coach and a dedicated resume writer. It includes everything in the professional package, including a total of two resumes and 20 reverse headhunting contacts.

Professional Package

Our professional package includes everything needed for a successful  job search. Included in this package and you get both a dedicated career coach and a dedicated resume writer. It includes everything in the basic package, and also interview coaching and reverse headhunting contacts.

Basic Package

Our basic package allows our customers to start their job search on the right foot. This package include all the necessities for your job search and you get both a dedicated career coach and a dedicated resume writer.