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The way people look for work has changed dramatically, and it’s no longer as simple as having the resume with the best qualifications. Our job search strategizing focuses on assisting you in finding the best jobs for you and positioning yourself as the most desirable candidate.

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Formulating a job search strategy enables you to focus your efforts on positions that will contribute to your success. Rather than applying to any position that matches your resume, the targeted approach enables you to choose jobs that match your skill set, strengths, and the conditions necessary to feel fulfilled.

Rock My Resume’s job search strategy assists you in establishing the foundation for your search. We can assist you in creating a job search spreadsheet and determining which criteria are most important to you. Thousands of people have successfully used our services to find their next career move.

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Rock My Resume offers you a team that is trained and eager to help you through each phase of the job application process. Before you acquire a resume, a cover letter, and all the necessary documentation for passing all the stages of the process, you need to understand yourself and your aspirations better.

Is there a difference between a job and a career? 

A job is an occupation that you have at any given point in time. Opposing that, a career refers to your entire professional life. Your career can be a single job you have had for many years, or a series of job positions you acquire in the same professional field. With career strategizing, you discover which path is suitable for you, and how to walk it.

Rock My Resume comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers, interview coaches, career strategists, and subject matter experts equipped with experience and insights to guide your job search journey. As career strategizing guides your entire career path, job search strategizing refers to discovering the dreams that are easier to reach, In addition, job search strategizing offers many ways to accomplish the established dreams.

In the beginning, you have to discover the reasons you have for searching for a new job. Regardless of whether you are new in the job search market, dissatisfied with your current job, or aim to advance your career path, we are equipped with expertise, tools, and methods that will guide your journey.

The following stage is discovering the benefits you wish to obtain in your new job. Even though you may feel quite strongly about wanting to get away from your current job as soon as possible, it’s still very important to know what types of positions and industries are you interested in. Moreover, it’s important to know at least a few gains you would desire in your new job, whether it be a higher salary range, better work-life balance, or a location closer to home.


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More than anything, as a job applicant, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses well. Without further ado, your strengths should be highlighted on your resume in a specific way, and in compliance with the standards of the job you are eager to obtain. Our team is more than equipped with expertise and experience to help you with each phase of the job search process, including the discovery of your interests, strengths, weaknesses, and desired jobs.

The last step of your job search strategizing process must be the time you set aside to land your desired job. After setting measurable goals, you will need to continuously update your resume and cover letter, research the market, and practice your interview skills. With all the elements combined, you will find yourself in the right job position sooner than you think. And with the assistance from Rock My Resume’s team, you will succeed even sooner!

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Deluxe Package

Our deluxe package includes everything needed for a successful job search. Included in this package and you get both a dedicated career coach and a dedicated resume writer. It includes everything in the professional package, including a total of two resumes and 20 reverse headhunting contacts.

Professional Package

Our professional package includes everything needed for a successful  job search. Included in this package and you get both a dedicated career coach and a dedicated resume writer. It includes everything in the basic package, and also interview coaching and reverse headhunting contacts.

Basic Package

Our basic package allows our customers to start their job search on the right foot. This package include all the necessities for your job search and you get both a dedicated career coach and a dedicated resume writer.