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Professional resume written by a CPRW within 48 hours of your purchase specifically targeted for government jobs.

Resume is the most important tool in a competitive job search market. To stand out in comparison to other applicants for your dream job, the resume must enhance your strengths and skills in the right way.

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What Sets Us Apart

Federal resume is constructed specifically for job applications within federal government sections. At Rock My Resume, we offer an abundance of professionals focusing solely on the creation of federal resumes in numerous areas of expertise.

Similar to resumes created for jobs in the private sector, a federal resume contains summaries of qualifications, competencies, work experience, education, and accomplishments. If your target job is connected to the federal government agency, a required tool is a specialized, customized, comprehensive resume including unique elements in addition to traditional elements.

The biggest difference between regular and federal resumes is the length. Regular resume has less information, and should not be longer than two pages. As opposed to the regular resume, the federal resume can be up to three pages in length, and sometimes it’s even longer. Federal resume includes specific accomplishments and qualifications that serve to present the customer as an experienced candidate that has been working in a certain area for some amount of time. Whether you are a current federal employee or a new and potential candidate, your resume is the primary way to present your education, skills, and experience to your future employer.

Federal jobs often require previous experience in a particular type of work, and your resume must show your skills and expertise that match the established requirements of the employer. To be considered for your dream job, professional resume-building teams must recommend you as a suitable and experienced candidate while aligning the content with the job market’s current trends and practices.

Rock My Resume offers an abundance of professionals aiming to customize your resume that enforces compliance of your competencies, knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience with the requirements for each target job. Our team of experts specializes in evaluating information, including relevant data, and excluding the currently irrelevant matters, as the hiring agencies search for specific terms in your resume to make sure you have the experience they’re seeking.

Federal resumes offer detailed descriptions of work experience and skills utilized to determine the eligibility of our customers for respective job announcements. The final products created by our team members align your experience with the job criteria, and support your responses to a potential assessment questionnaire. An assessment questionnaire is created by your future employer to identify, evaluate, and choose the most suitable candidates. Rock My Resume takes all factors into consideration upon working on federal resumes for diverse groups of customers.

Our professionals strive to write a federal resume that will present you in the best possible light. We are focused on gathering relevant information from you in order to customize the content for a particular job announcement, objective, grade level, career change path, and significant accomplishments.

If you put your trust in Rock My Resume and our professional teams, we will make sure to repay you with the maximized service in our fields of expertise. We provide content that will arm you with the best chance of further success and professional development.

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Deluxe Package

Our deluxe package includes everything needed for a successful job search. Included in this package and you get both a dedicated career coach and a dedicated resume writer. It includes everything in the professional package, including a total of two resumes and 20 reverse headhunting contacts.

Professional Package

Our professional package includes everything needed for a successful  job search. Included in this package and you get both a dedicated career coach and a dedicated resume writer. It includes everything in the basic package, and also interview coaching and reverse headhunting contacts.

Basic Package

Our basic package allows our customers to start their job search on the right foot. This package include all the necessities for your job search and you get both a dedicated career coach and a dedicated resume writer.