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A cover letter is the most important document you will send to your future employer. Additionally known as a covering letter, motivation letter, motivational letter, or letter of motivation, the cover letter represents a document that serves as an introduction to the resume and other documents related to the career development process. In its essence, a cover letter is usually a one-page business summary aiming to convey and enhance your adequacy for your targeted job.

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Rock My Resume offers an array of experts well-versed in finding the appropriate way to present you in the best possible light. We know how to enhance all the qualifications, aspirations, and accomplishments to recommend you to your future employer and present you as the most suitable candidate among a sea of others. If you choose this service, our team will make sure the cover letter never fails you.

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Your cover letter is often the first thing employers see when reviewing your job application. To convince your future employer to take you under serious consideration, a cover letter must include several key elements and serve many purposes.

First and foremost, the document conveys your interest and recommends you as a great candidate for your targeted job position. While a resume focuses on more factual details of your professional experience, the task of a cover letter is to offer insights into aspirations, motivations, and personal attitudes. For a person reviewing your application, a cover letter is a great insight into how well would you fit into the company’s culture, mission, and teams. It’s very important to include reasons for your interest and ways in which you can contribute to the exponential growth of the team and of the company.

In addition, the cover letter serves to clarify any potential doubts or issues your employer might find in your resume, including breaks between job positions, or abrupt terminations of contracts with some of your previous companies.

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Furthermore, the cover letter provides you with additional space to elaborate on your specific qualifications, experiences, and achievements. In the end, it presents you as a more valuable professional asset in the respective company. On average, your cover letter should be kept brief, informative, and personalized.

After many years of leveraging our knowledge of career services combined with expertise in career coaching and recruiting for numerous roles, we understand perfectly how to present you in the best possible way. At Rock My Resume, we combine our own experience with a passion for our customers’ further professional success. If you decide to collaborate with us, you would put your trust in a team that has the necessary knowledge and tools, but also a desire for helping others make their path in a competitive world.

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