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This session is designed to assist you in determining the next steps in your career. You will work one on one with a career coach to discuss your current job, most marketable skills, and professional strengths with you. This information allows us to offer suggestions and considerations regarding your next move.

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Our goal is to assist you in discovering your path, and in order to do so, we’d like to learn more about your passion and strengths. Then we work together to identify a career path that will provide you with fulfillment.

During a career transition, our career coaches provide the necessary guidance and objectivity to assist you in selecting the best options for you. If you are unsure whether this is the right coaching for you, book a free consultation with an expert today.

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A career strategist is a professional you should hire in order to discover the job you were meant to have and find your ideal career path. In addition, a career strategist is specializing in finding all the steps you should take to obtain your established goals.

For a career strategist, no goal is set too high, and no bar is too low. Such a kind of professional offers no judgment, only encouragement and advice on how to accomplish your career dreams.

What does a career strategist do? 

Essentially, career strategizing refers to defining your career goals, identifying potential career opportunities, exploring career options, and facilitating job search activities. Working with a career strategist, you will evaluate your situation, and then design effective short- and long-term strategies that will help you reach your highest potential.

Whether you’re an experienced professional or at the beginning of your career path, it’s essential to have a career plan and ultimate goal.

Is there a difference between a job and a career?


A job is an occupation that you have at any given point in time. Opposing that, a career refers to your entire professional life. Your career can be a single job you have had for many years, or a series of job positions you acquire in the same professional field. With career strategizing, you discover which path is suitable for you, and how to walk it.

Short-term career strategizing methods will assist you in obtaining a foundation for building a long-term plan. Short-term methods refer to developing self-awareness, accepting feedback, and getting to know the job market. Our experts are more than experienced and happy to arm you with such tools.

Career strategizing is a process of identifying what you are good at and knowing how your skills, talents, values, and interests translate into possible careers. A career strategist offers you assistance in matching your skills to existing careers, your goals to financial needs, and your career path to your education and personal life. In the essence, a career strategist helps you make the best decisions for yourself and your future.

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First part of the career strategizing process is the discovery and evaluation. Without judgment or punishment, in collaboration with an expert, our customers review their strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, motivations, and values. The first phase of career strategizing is the discovery of yourself, your passions, and your skills. Upon understanding your strengths and advantages, you are automatically more likely to find your destined professional path.

Second, is the occupational analysis. A good career strategist will offer you an abundance of career paths you can embark on. This phase entails researching job profiles in accordance with the first phase, conducting informational interviews, and gathering labor-market information.

In the end, you will know your advantages and research your possibilities and concrete opportunities accordingly. Career strategists assist you in staying informed of fluctuating industry trends, updating your professional plans, and celebrating your achievements.

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Deluxe Package

Our deluxe package includes everything needed for a successful job search. Included in this package and you get both a dedicated career coach and a dedicated resume writer. It includes everything in the professional package, including a total of two resumes and 20 reverse headhunting contacts.

Professional Package

Our professional package includes everything needed for a successful  job search. Included in this package and you get both a dedicated career coach and a dedicated resume writer. It includes everything in the basic package, and also interview coaching and reverse headhunting contacts.

Basic Package

Our basic package allows our customers to start their job search on the right foot. This package include all the necessities for your job search and you get both a dedicated career coach and a dedicated resume writer.