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LinkedIn is a popular networking platform that many set up and forget. If you’re interested in taking the next career step, conducting a LinkedIn profile optimization with Rock My Resume could have recruiters knocking on your message box with your dream job. Reach out today and get professional LinkedIn optimization services.

Before and After

Before LILI After

Why Bother with LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is a social media platform that is public, so performing a profile optimization means everyone who might be interested in your skillset can see your experience. In addition, we know recruiters are always looking for the next talent for their clients. This platform is an excellent way to get your resume out there, even if you’re not sure if there are any vacant positions on LinkedIn that match your preferences.

Readily Accessible

LinkedIn is a well-recognized network, and it is accessible to all kinds of professionals. LinkedIn is also a favorite option for recruiters and headhunters considering candidates for positions. A correctly completed LinkedIn profile optimization makes your profile even more accessible for casual viewers.

Increase Your Luck

Besides for being a social media platform, LinkedIn is the go-to place for recruiters and headhunters to source talent. Every day millions of recruiters spend countless hours trying to fill their vacancies. LinkedIn gives them the opportunity to do in-depth searches with detailed filters that will help them find the right people with the right experience.


LinkedIn is a professional website, so what you post on it counts towards your professional image. Companies can easily search for you and see what you have been saying. An unoptimized LinkedIn profile does not impress them and may even be held against you through the hiring process. 

How does it work?

Rock My Resume makes LinkedIn profile optimization easy. We believe that searching for a job and interviewing should be hassle-free, so we make sure your experience is easy too. Our LinkedIn optimization only take takes 30 to 60 minutes. We have simplified the process so our customer just have to follow simple instructions given in the video series and within a short time they will have a profile that puts their best foot forward.

LinkedIn Optimization vs. Traditional Job Applications

LinkedIn optimization is a social media platform that is a great tool for applying to jobs. Utilizing LinkedIn is generally more efficient than applying for application one at a time. Recruiters and headhunters are actively seeking talent on LinkedIn and having a great profile can help you stand out. When you receive a message from a recruiter, you know the person has reviewed your profile and is interested in hiring you for a specific position. With an application, you do not know how interested the other party is or how well you fit in the company.

When you are recruited, it’s a lot less time-consuming and the recruiter also has an incentive to get you hired. You do not need to spend hours every day filling out applications that never seem to collect data from your resume correctly or waiting around to see if anyone emails you about positions. A strong profile is also found very easily by recruiters and once they land on your page, this is where the content and the appearance play a big part.

With LinkedIn optimization, it’s a one-time fee and you can continue to utilize the profile. You can also use your profile to apply to LinkedIn jobs and apply to positions using only your profile. That’s much more powerful than a single job application.

Premium Packages

Basic Package


Payments as low as $97

Professional Package


Payments as low as $150

Deluxe Package


Payments as low as $210

LinkedIn Optimization

We offer a complete LinkedIn profile rebuild service. To utilize our LinkedIn optimization, all you need to do is watch the video series. We work through your profile and advise you on what changes need to be made to your profile. We recommend this service for anyone who is looking for a job.

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Deluxe Package

Our deluxe package includes everything needed for a successful job search. Included in this package and you get both a dedicated career coach and a dedicated resume writer. It includes everything in the professional package, including a total of two resumes and 20 reverse headhunting contacts.

Professional Package

Our professional package includes everything needed for a successful  job search. Included in this package and you get both a dedicated career coach and a dedicated resume writer. It includes everything in the basic package, and also interview coaching and reverse headhunting contacts.

Basic Package

Our basic package allows our customers to start their job search on the right foot. This package include all the necessities for your job search and you get both a dedicated career coach and a dedicated resume writer.